Veto Magnate
Veto Magnate
Vital statistics
Name Veto Magnate
Gender Male
District 3
Age 13
Weapon Nunchucks
Overall Placing 16th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 1

Veto was a tribute in the First Dreaded Games from District 3, who was reaped along with his 7 half-brothers and half-sisters, Dymento, Dymentia, Illuminate, Melanoi, Bayleaf, Khair and Thistle.


He has short and sticky bleach blonde hair. With deep deep blue eyes, like the sea. With really pale skin, he is the smallest of the family at only 5'2. He looks like none of the other family.


He was very popular at school but still kept up with his studies. His parents worked up in the mountains so he rarely saw them, and this made him sadder and less popular. He resorted to gangs and used to scare girls, he became a bully.


At the reapings he didnt really care, he loved violence and he couldnt wait to get in there and fight. He spent most of his time with Illuminate, as they were both from district 5. Like Khair and Thistle both from 7, and Dymento and Dymentia from 1.

In training he did the worst in his family and only managed to get a 9, this isnt that shocking as he is the youngest. He showed his skills with a nunchuck and a couple of other weapons.

He didnt mind his outfit, as he believed it kind off represented District 5 aswell, and he went around protecting Illuminate as he believed they should stick together.


On Day One, Veto watched at Valencia DeCruz killed Bayleaf.

On Day Two saw Veto watch his siblings speak to Hope Whittle and Quinn Whittle moments before their deaths.

On Day Three, Veto was upset when Dymentia was killed.

On Day Four, Veto waited for Dymento to come back, but he never did.

On the Day of the Feast, Veto and Khair went to the Feast. Veto promised Illuminate that he'd come back, though he went to the Feast he was killed by Pixxie Kasha.


He was missed slightly but not compared to the others, in district 5 where Illuminate was also from, he was highly missed. Him and Illuminate were missed more than the 3 tributes from district 5. They all really hated Lia, as she seemed like a bitch.


  • He is the youngest of the district 3 family, by a full 2 years.


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