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The Vayles - Mia

The Vayles were the D8 family in the 1st Dreaded Games. They consisted of:

  • Ash Vayle
  • Kana Vayle
  • Dean Vayle
  • True Vayle
  • Aisha Vayle
  • Jay Vayle
  • Melody Vayle
  • Kayleigh Vayle

They didn't come out with a victor, Dean died first from an arrow in the skull by Brynn Sanford in the bloodbath. Kayleigh and True were taken down next by Levi DeCruz and Calvin DeCruz on Day 3. Ash followed by Kana, Aisha, Melody and Jay were slain by the DeCruzs on Day 4 - Night massacre. None of the Vayles had any kills.

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