Valencia DeCruz
Valencia DeCruz
Vital statistics
Name Valencia DeCruz
Gender Female
District One
Age 18
Weapon Sword
Overall Placing 7th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 14

Valencia was a tribute in the First Dreaded Games from District One, who was reaped along with her brothers Levi, Calvin and Beau.


Valencia has blonde hair that flows to her mid-back. She has grey eyes- like her brothers- and is slightly tanned. Unlike her brothers who are all either 6'1 or 6'2, she is 5'6.


Valencia is mean, sadistic, sneaky, and cunning. Yet when her brothers are threatened, she goes beserke.


At the reaping,she and her siblings were very eager to volunteer, stating that Three of them would come home as Victors.

In Training, she was very adventourous with what she did, and used her sword skills to her advantage. This made her scored a 15 as a training score, the highest that could be achieved.

In the Chariots, District One wore exactly what Marvel and Glimmer did in the 74th Hunger Games, as the 1st Annual Dreaded Games was meant to be an exact replica of the 74th Annual Hunger Games.


On Day One, Valencia gained two kills at the bloodbath- Finn Whittle and Bayleaf Mangolia. Not much is known, but that the DeCruz's made base there, and was obviously the family to watch out for.

Day Two, Valencia got no kills, yet she had be out deciding who to kill next.

Day Three, Valencia got three kills- Lirin Greyser, Haylee Rivera and Dymentia Lights and injured by Lia Mainwaring. She then vowed to have Lia's blood on her sword by the end of the games.

Day Four, Valencia gained three more kills- Kana Vayle, Jay Vayle and Bellaline Macelain.

On Day 5, at the feast, she gained three kills- Thistle Wisteria, Jeremy Rivera and Elen Rivera. The last being as she was depressed about Levi's death and her remaining brother's death, that she wanted to be left alone.

On Day 6, Valencia killed Isabelle Anners and Ethan Sanford. In the Final Ten, she was teamed with Lia Mainwaring, Robin Macelain, Velocci Damiens and Alicia Rivera. After she had become teamed up, she killed Margaret Quince, which she was soon killed after by Khair Ochre, when she pushed Velocci Damiens out of the way from Khair's sword.


Her death, caused her father to commit suicide, and her mother to move back to District Five, in which Valencia and her brothers' bodies were sent to.


  • Is the third born of the DeCruz quadruplets
  • Became slightly depressed after each of her brother's deaths.
  • Kinda fell for Ash Vayle, yet it isn't shown.


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