Thistle Wisteria
Thistle Wisteria
Vital statistics
Name Thistle Wisteria
Gender Female
District 3
Age 15
Weapon Natural weapons, like poisonous plants and animals.
Overall Placing 21st
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 0

Thistle was a tribute in the First Dreaded Games from District 3, who was reaped along with her 7 half-brothers and half-sisters, Dymento, Dymentia, Illuminate, Melanoi, |Veto, Khair and Bayleaf.


She has really long flowing purple wavy hair. With deep violet eyes, both altered by the capitol, payed for by her father. She has pale skin and is very tall. Not the tallest but one of the tallest, at 6'1.


She is quiet and spends a lot of time with nature, she hardly speaks to others and is very smart and intuitive. She is kind and loves to help others, and hates to see other in pain.


At the reapings she was shocked, but decided to stay strong. And that only lasted 2 minutes, as seconds lated she burst into tears. She was comforted by Khair who wasnt crying as he was kind off glad to be reaped.

In the games she only got the 2nd lowest in her family, joint with the victor Melanoi. She only bet Veto, and did so by showing her knowledge with poisons, and plants and natural stuff.

She didnt really mind the outfits, as she felt they did show district 3 fully. This pleased her as she was proud to be from district 3, even if she wasnt happy to be there, in the capitol.


On Day One, Thistle saw Valencia DeCruz kill her sister bayleaf.

On Day Two saw Thistle talk to Hope Whittle and Quinn Whittle moments before their deaths.

On Day Three, Thistle was devistated when Dymentia died.

On Day Four, Thistle was waiting for Dymento to return, but he never did.

On the Day of the Feast, Thsitle, Illuminate and Melanoi stayed away from the Feast whereas Khair and Veto went. Walking in the forest, Thistle was killed by Valencia.


Khair was distraught when she passed on, as those two always had a connection. Her mother was kind of hurt, but she had been crying for ages, since the death of Bayleaf. Since her father had passed on when she was young she had no one to be missed in district 7.


  • She is the only tribute from district 3 not to have a father, being the only one to live full-time with her mother.


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