Star Rivera
Star Rivera
Vital statistics
Name Star Rivera
Gender Female
District Twelve
Age 18
Weapon Spear
Overall Placing 45th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 1

Star Rivera was a Tribute from the First Annual Dreaded Games from District Twelve. She was reaped along with her three sisters and one brother.


She had curly blonde hairs , grey eyes , white skin she was medium height 5'7 and she was thin. She didnt have the tyrical appearance of the Seam


Star had a very playful take on life. She loved to tell jokes, she was confident about herself. She wanted to be perfect at everything and could not stand to fail.


Star was born and grew up in District 12 along with her siblings, her mother was from District 7 but she never learnt how to use an axe .She always loved to sing for her little sister Haylee. She and Jeremy was twins so they were pretty close . She was also very close with Alicia and they both loved each other very much.

When she was reaped she was shocked but then Alicia took her hand and she regained her coolness.

In the chariots she wore what Katniss and Peeta wore as the 1st Dreaded Games was a replica of the 74th Hunger Games she wasn't really afraid but she didn't like it either.

In the training she showed her spear skills and she gained a 12 the same score with Elen.


Day 1: She died in the bloodbath . She killed Isa Mainwarning but then was killed by Lia Mainwarning.


Her death really affected Jeremy Rivera and Alicia Rivera and they promised that they will revenge her death