Rose Greyser
Rose Greyser
Vital statistics
Name Rose Greyser
Gender Female
District 7
Age 16
Weapon Axes
Overall Placing unknown
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 1

Rose Greyser was reaped for the first dread games, along with her brother Lirin and her sister Annelinde. She was from District Seven.


Rose has long brown hair. She is 5'5 food. She has blue eyes and a light skin.


Rose is a sweet girl. She is very kind. She will always try to help you. You can really trust her. In District Seven she was the one who always helped the workers with their wounds. If you managed to befriend her you got a friend for live.


Rose was reaped for the first dreaded games. Her brother Lirin and her sister Annelinde also had to compete in those games.

She managed to score a training score of 14.


She killed Thomas Quince at the feast. She used her axe and she did hit Thomas in the head.


Rose's death is unknown. Her parents were shocked because her death was never shown. They cried for ages since they lost all of their children


  • She is the longest surviving member of her family.