Lirin Greyser
Lirin Greyser
Vital statistics
Name Lirin Greyser
Gender Male
District 7
Age 17
Weapon Katana
Overall Placing 39th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 1

Lirin Greyser was reaped for the first Dreaded Games. He came from District Seven. He was reaped together with his sisters Rose and Annelinde.


Lirin had brown hair. He had brown eyes and was about 5'8 tall. His skin was tanned because he already worked.


Lirin was a kind young man. Just like his sister he always tried to help. You can really trust him. He will always share his food with you and he isn't arrogant.


Lirin was reaped for the first Dreaded Games. He and his two sister were reaped.

At training he received a score of 5.

For the chariots he and his sister's wore paper headdresses and paper clothes, representing lumber,

The GamesEdit

Lirin managed to kill one tribute, Kevin Quince. Lirin strangled him to death.