Levi DeCruz
Vital statistics
Name Levi DeCruz
Gender Male
District One
Age 18
Weapon Sword
Overall Placing 18th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 6

Levi was a tribute in the First Dreaded Games from District One, who was reaped along with his brothers Calvin and Beau, and their sister Valencia. These four are quadruplets.


Levi has short blonde hair, tanned skin, with stormy grey eyes who's tall, 6'2 to be excact.


Levi is very calm and relaxed, and can make a joke from almost anything. Though when his brother's are threatened, he goes very beserke.


At the reaping, he and his siblings were very eager to volunteer, stating that Three of them would come home as Victors.

In Training, he stuck close to his brothers, and showed off his skills with a Sword, earning him a 13- being the worst in his family, joint with Beau, who also scored a 13.

In the Chariots, District One wore exactly what Marvel and Glimmer did in the 74th Hunger Games, as the 1st Annual Dreaded Games was meant to be an exact replica of the 74th Annual Hunger Games.


At the Bloodbath, Levi ran in, and colleced packs, excluding other Tributes to have any. His sister and brothers killed whilst he made camp in the Cornucopia. After the Bloodbath, he and his siblings watched as the tributes cleared away.

On Day 2, he killed Jess Kasha, which resulted in Beau's death. After that, he and his sister became slightly manic and promised to win for him.

On Day 3, he and his sister and brother, went out to try and kill some tributes- in which resulted in Kayleigh Vayle, Lirin Greyser, True Vayle and Haylee Rivera's deaths, but because of Valencia killing Haylee, Calvin died in a result. And as Levi, Calvin and Beau were in an incestious relationship with eachother, Levi felt even more manic when Calvin died, leading to the Fourth Night Massacre.

On Day 4, Levi didn't do any killing, until night, where he wiped out the remaining Vayle's, in vengance for killing Beau and Calvin, although the Vayle's didn't make any contact with the DeCruz's what so ever.

Day 5, Levi went to the feast, whilst his sister went out to collected supplies. Shortly after he had slain Chaz Quince, he himself was killed by Chaz's sister, Margaret Quince


His death affected his mother even more. His death gave Valencia the will to fight longer, though she was saddened.


  • He is the oldest out of him and his siblings, being born 5 minutes before Calvin
  • Was in a relationship with his brothers.
  • Went manic after witnessing both of his brother's deaths.
  • His death caused his sister to breakdown and cry.


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