Khair Ochre
Khair Ochre
Vital statistics
Name Khair Ochre
Gender Male
District 3
Age 18
Weapon Throwing Axe and Hatchet
Overall Placing 6th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 1

Khair was a tribute in the First Dreaded Games from District 3, who was reaped along with his 7 half-brothers and half-sisters, Dymento, Dymentia, Illuminate, Melanoi, Veto, Bayleaf and Thistle.


He has short spiky brown hair, with very tanned skin. He has tree brown eyes, like his father, and is very tall. At 6'0 he is still the 4th tallest. Only beaten by Thistle, Bayleaf and Dymento. He looks like none of his siblings, and more like District 4.


He is very frightening, and loves to be the strongest, mentally. He isnt the smartest but has an intuition when it comes to fighting. He loves the nature, and would stop fighting if it would harm nature.


At the reapings he was exstatic at first, so happy but then he realised it would mean his whole family would have to enter the arena. He stayed happy for the camera but was terrified inside, especially for Illuminate and Thistle as he knew they werent the strongest.

He was absoloustly beaming about his score, as he gained a 15. He was sad for his other members but he couldnt hide his glee, he gained it by showing his skills with multiple weapons such as throwing axes and hatchets. And his physical strength.

At the tribute parade he didnt know how to feel, he didnt really care as he thought everyone looked stupid. So he just kept waving and smiling. He knew the designs were the same as the ones in the 74th as he had studied that in school.


On Day One, Khair witnessed the death of his sister Bayleaf.

On Day Two saw Khair speak to the Whittle family, moments before Hope Whittle and Quinn Whittle's deaths.

On Day Three, Khair, like his family, were devistated when Valencia DeCruz killed Dymentia.

On Day Four, Khair and his silblings waited for Dymento to return, but as he died, he never did.

On Day Five, the feast, Khair and Veto went to the feast, which resulted in Veto's death.

On Day Six, when the Final Ten was split into two teams of five, Khair was in a team with Melanoi Jet, Margaret Quince, Hanna Whittle and Felisha Macelain. He was aiming to kill Velocci Damiens, but instead, he killed Valencia DeCruz. Soon after killing the District One Female, Khair himself was killed by Robin Macelain.


He was sorely missed, and since he was the last one to die he had to see all his other siblings pass on. His families in 7 and 3 were horrified as thehy believe Khair had a fighting chance at winning the games.


  • He was the last district 3 tribute to die, since Melanoi went on to win.
  • He was the last tribute to die not on the last day.
  • He was the last male tribute to pass on.


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