Jess Kasha
Jess Kasha
Vital statistics
Name Jess Kasha
Gender Male
District Two
Age 18
Weapon Double-sided Axe
Overall Placing 44th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 1

Jess Kasha was a in the First Annual Dreaded Games from District Two. He was reaped along with his sister Pixxie.


Jess has blonde hair and blue eyes, he is tall, about 6.1. He usually wears a silver chain with a star charm on it, indentical to Pixxie's.


Jess is kind and caring, he's popular and has a lot of friends, sometimes he might act snobby and coldhearted around certain people, but he usually gets along with everyone. He and Pixxie have a special bond, they're really friendly unlike other siblings.


Jess and his sister volunteered for two twelve year old twins who were reaped.

In Training, he stuck close to his sister, and showed off his Axe skills. This made him get a Training Score of 14.

In the Chariots, he and his sister wore what Cato and Clove had worn, as the 1st Dreaded Games was a replica of the 74th Hunger Games.


On Day One, he killed Danielle Anner as she was trying to escape the bloodbath.

On Day Two, he was killed by Levi DeCruz.


After Jess died, Pixxie went kind of insane, she tried to avenge his death by killing Valencia, but didn't and instead tried to escape, but died from Tracker Jacker stings. Jess' parents were extremely upset and angry at the capitol when Jess died. Then when Pixxie died, they got so angry, they started an uprising.


He is the twin brother of Pixxie Kasha

His weakness is Tracker Jackers

After his death, his parents started an uprising

His token is a silver chain, with a star charm, identical to Pixxies


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