Illuminate Sensorium
Illuminate Sensorium
Vital statistics
Name Illuminate Sensorium
Gender Female
District 3
Age 15
Weapon Qilinbian and Whip
Overall Placing 12th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 0

Illuminate was a tribute in the First Dreaded Games from District 3, who was reaped along with her 7 half-brothers and half-sisters, Dymento, Dymentia, Bayleaf, Melanoi, Veto, Khair and Thistle.


She has long straight brown hair, and wears rimmed glasses. She has brown eyes, with slightly tanned skin. She looks completely different to all her other family, and is around 5'7.


She is very quiet, likes to be in her own company. She has few friends but those who she calls her friends know all about her. She doesnt really like her family, prefers to be on her own.


At her reaping she was horrified, she hated everything for almost the whole of her time in the Capitol. Veto and her grew closer in the day, and she grew closer with all her family. Other than Bayleaf, she hated that bitch.

In training she did quite well and managed to gain a 13, the 3rd highest of her family. She showed her skills with different weapons, like whips.

She really hated the costume for the parade, as it was a special games they had the same costume from the infamous 74th Hunger Games. She cried as she went through the city, and was in the chariot with Veto who comforted her.


On Day One, Illuminate was silently glad that Valencia DeCruz killed Bayleaf.

On Day Two saw Illuminate talk to Hope Whittle and Quinn Whittle moments before their deaths.

On Day Three, Illuminate and her family were devistated when Dymentia killed.

On Day Four, Illuminate waited for Dymento to return but he never did.

On the day of the Feast, Illuminate, Thistle and Melanoi stayed away from the Feast, whereas Veto and Khair went. As they were walking around the forest, Valenica killed Thistle. Melanoi and Illuminate ran to the Cornucopia and met up with their brother, as Veto had died, and ran to the wheat field.

On Day Six, Illuminate, Khair and Melanoi walked around the river catiously, until she was killed by Velocci Damiens.


Illuminate was missed highly, she was always her mothers favourite and she was in floods of tears when she passed on. She was hit even harder when an hour later Khair passed on.


  • Illuminate was the last female of the district 3 family to pass away. Since Melanoi became the victor.
  • She is the favourite child of all the kids mother, which is the reason most of them hated her.


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