Ethan Sanford
Ethan Sanford
Vital statistics
Name Ethan Sanford
Gender Male
District Six
Age 16
Weapon Spear
Overall Placing 11th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 1

Ethan was a Tribute in the 1st Annual Dreaded Games from District Six. He was reaped along with his triplet sisters, Brynn Sanford and Daina Sanford.


Ethan has medium length brown hair, with blue eyes. He's slightly tanned and muscular and is 6'.


He has been described by many as Nice, yet cocky and sassy.


Ethan and his siblings were reaped. None of them spoke, just looked straight ahead.

In Training, he stuck close to Brynn and Daina. He mainly used his Spear skills. This earned him a Training Score of 14- joint with Daina.

In the Chariots, he wore what the Tributes from District Six wore in th 74th Hunger Games.


Nothing is really known about the Sanford's and their games. Ethan accidently killed Daina with a spear in an attempt to kill Pixxie Kasha on Day Two.

Ethan made it to Day Six, and was the last one to die before the Final Six were found.


His death affected his mother and father as they believed that he and Daina had a fighting chance at winning the Games. They also hate Pixxie Kasha as she was the cause for Daina's death.


  • Was the final Tribute to die before the Final Ten were found.
  • Was one of the only tributes who killed a family member. (The other being Robin Macelain, killing his sister Feli)