Dymento Lights
Dymento Lights
Vital statistics
Name Dymento Lights
Gender Male
District 3
Age 18
Weapon Axe and Sword
Overall Placing 30th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 3

Dymento was a tribute in the First Dreaded Games from District Three, who was reaped along with his sister Dymentia, and his step-brothers and step-sisters Melanoi, Bayleaf, Khair, Thistle, Illuminate and Veto.


He is very fit and muscley, with short cut hair which is almost blonde, but takes a more brown tinge in the sun. He has blue eyes, like Dymentia. Also like Dymentio looks a lot more like Dymentia than he does his other siblings. He is 6'3, the tallest of her siblings.


He is very protective over his sister, Dymentia, and hates it when others bully his sister. This is the only time you will see him mad, other than this he is kind and sincere. He really hates to see people in pain, unless they hurt his sister.


At the reaping he was one of the 4 in his family who was happy, along with Dymentia, Veto and Khair. While the other 4 were sobbing their eyes out.

In training he tried his best and came 2nd in his family, with a 14. Only beaten by Khair's 15. He was happy if only a bit jealous of him. He was saddened for Dymentia as she only gained an 11, and was a bit depressed.

District 3 wore the same as they did in the 74th Hunger Games, he hated it as he thought they looked like nerds in tinfoil costumes, going to a cheap party.


On Day One, little is known about the District Three family, other than Bayleaf was killed by Valencia DeCruz, the second victim in her killing spree.

Day Two saw Dymento talk to Hope and Quinn Whittle, moments before their deaths.

Day Three, Dymento stuck close to his remaining family, and was devistated when Valencia had killed Dymentia

Day Four, Dymento went on a suicide mission, allying with the Quince's, and killing three- Vince Quince, Wes Quince and Lyson Quince, before getting killed himself by Margaret Quince.


His mother was very proud of him, that he sacrafised his life to be with Dymento, but sadly his father was dissapointed as both his children has died before even the half way. He was also despised in district 4 as he killed 3 of their tributes.


  • He has the highest kill count of any of the tributes in the district 3 family.


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