Dymentia Lights
Dymentia Lights
Vital statistics
Name Dymentia Lights
Gender Female
District 3
Age 15
Weapon Scythe and Kama
Overall Placing 34th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 0

Dymentia was a tribute in the First Dreaded Games from District Three, who was reaped along with her brother Dymento, and her half-brothers and half-sisters Melanoi, Bayleaf, Khair, Thistle, Illuminate and Veto.


She is very pretty, long wavy blonde hair. It flows down her shoulders. She has deep blue eyes, like the sea. She doesnt look like any of her other siblings, except Dymento, due to the change in fathers. She is rather small at 5.4.


She is very kind on the inside, and pretends to like everyone but on the outside she is crude and judgemental. Though she is always nice to her siblings, and step-brothers and sisters.


At the reapings Dymento, Khair, Veto and her were happy they were reaped. This was different from the others who were all in tears, knowing they would die.

Dymentia gained an 11 in training, it was a decent attempt but she was drowned out by the scores of her other siblings, Khair with 15, Dymento with 14, Illuminate with 13 and Bayleaf with 12.

In the chariots district 3 wore the exact same as the 3 pair wore in the 74th Hunger Games, so basically they were wearing tinfoil outfits to resemble a machine inside.


On Day One, Dymentia witnessed her sister Bayleaf Mangolia's death.

On Day Two, Dymentia spoke to Hope Whittle and Quinn Whittle, moments before the deaths.

On Day Thee, Dymentia was killed by Valencia.


Her brother Dymento was distraught, which lead to his death through suicide. In district 3 her mother cried for days, already struck by the death of Bayleaf. In district 1 her father was horrified, as to how pathetic his daughter did.


  • She was the only one in the district 3 family to want a kill, that didnt recieve one. Having Khair and Dymento both gaining atleast one.


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