Daina Sanford
Daina Sanford
Vital statistics
Name Daina Sanford
Gender Female
District Six
Age 16
Weapon Bow and Arrows
Overall Placing 40th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 0

Daina was a Tibute in the 1st Annual Dreaded Games from District Six. She was reaped along with her triplet sister Brynn Sanford and triplet brother Ethan Sanford.


Daina has long brown hair, pale blue eyes and has pale skin. She is roughly 5'5.


Daina was said to be Shy, Sweet, Respectful, yet fierce when angered.


Daina and her siblings were reaped. None of them spoke, just looked straight ahead.

In Training, she stuck close tp Ethan and Brynn. She showed off her skills with a bow, which earned her the score of 14.

In the Chariots, she and her siblings wore what the Tributes from District Six in the 74th Hunger Games wore.


Not much is known about the Sanford's experiences in the Games.

Daina was killed on Day Two by her brother, Ethan Sanford


Her parents were crushed when she died, as they thought that she and Ethan could have one.


  • She was the first Tribute to be killed by one of her siblings (the other being Felisha Macelain)
  • She was the first Sanford to die, yet she was thought as to be able to win.