Brynn Sanford
Brynn Sanford
Vital statistics
Name Brynn Sanford
Gender Female
District Six
Age 16
Weapon Bow and Arrows
Overall Placing {{{Overall Placing}}}
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 1

Brynn was a Tributes in the First Annual Dreaded Games from District Six. She was reaped with her triplet brother Ethan Sanford, and sister Daina Sanford.


Brynn has long brown hair, with greeny-grey eyes. She's a medium height- 5'3, with pale skin.


Brynn is nice, and sweet, and has been described by many, as to being a good actress


Brynn and her siblings were reaped. None of them spoke, just looked straight ahead.

In Training, she stuck close tp Ethan and Daina. She showed off her skills with an axe, which earned her the score of 13.

In the Chariots, she and her siblings wore what the Tributes from District Six in the 74th Hunger Games wore.


Not much is known about the Sanford's time in the arena, but it was known that Ethan had killed his sister Daini by accident.

Brynn died on Day Four, two days after Daina's death, and two days before Ethan's death.


Unlike Daina's death and Ethan's death, Brynn's death didn't affect her parents to much, as she had told them that she knew she'd die in the arena.


  • She was thought by many other Tributes to die first in the arena, or at least die in the Bloodbath.
  • She resented Ethan for a while as he killed Daina.