Bayleaf Mangolia
Bayleaf Mangolia
Vital statistics
Name Bayleaf Mangolia
Gender Female
District 3
Age 15
Weapon Slingshot and Blowgun
Overall Placing 48th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 0

Bayleaf was a tribute in the First Dreaded GamesGames from District 3, who was reaped along with her 7 half-brothers and half-sisters, Dymento, Dymentia, Illuminate, Melanoi, Veto, Khair and Thistle.


She is the odd one out in her family, being the only black one. She also has deep brown eyes, with long straight black hair. She is one of the tallest of them at 6'2. She is very skinny, but decently stealthy.


She is very quiet, likes to be alone. She is very smart, knows everything there is to know about plants. She is quite funny but not many people know this, as they dont talk to her much. She has a strong dislike for Illuminate, who also hates her.


At reaping she was actually in district 11, but was picked up there and brought to the capitol with their tributes where she then met the other 7 children.

She did very well, 4th in her family with an impressive 12. She showed her skills with distance weapons, but failed when she tried to use a sword and an axe. She was only beaten by Dymento, Illuminate and Khair.

Bayleaf didnt really like the costumes, as she felt she would be better represented in the district 11 outfit. She complained all the way, and was with Melanoi. She thought it made her look like a spaceman, and knew it was the worst in the 74th Hunger Games collection.


Bayleaf died in the initial bloodbath, being killed by Valencia DeCruz, and being the second in the long line of Valencia's victims.


She was missed but still not as much as her other siblings, atleast in 3. In 11 she was liked by a lot of people and was soarly missed, her father killed himself and she was more liked there than any of there actualy tributes in the games.


  • She is the only district 3 tribute to not live in district 3. She in fact lives in 11 with her father. But goes to 3 for a short while.
  • She was the only one to have another sibling who wasnt in the games, Fabeae Vicia who always lives with his father.


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