Annelinde Greyser
Annelinde Quince
Vital statistics
Name Annelinde Greyser
Gender Female
District 7
Age 15
Weapon Bow and arrow
Overall Placing 50th
Status Deceased
Amount of Kills 0

Annelinde Greyser was reaped for the first Dreaded Games, representing District Seven. She and her sister, Rose and her brother, Lirin had to compete in the first Dreaded Games


Annelinde striked resemblance towards Rose. They looked a lot like each other. She got brown hair and blue eyes. She has a light skin and is about 5'4.


Annelinde was a kind girl. She was very reliable. She would never betray you.


Annelinde was reaped for the first Dreaded Games. She and her siblings were reaped for the first Dreaded Games

At training she received a score of 9.

For the chariots She and her siblings wore paper headdresses and paper clothes, representing lumber,